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Art education in DC

Education is perhaps the single most important thing that an individual can do to improve his or her circumstances. Education is directly related to an individual’s ability to have a successful personal and professional life. As available funds for education continue to dwindle in many areas it becomes even more important that people actively seek out education to enrich their lives.

Education in art is one such area that typically suffers when financial hardships occur within a given district. Unfortunately, the arts are typically the first thing to be cut in many educational programs. Continue Reading »


Where to get tutoring help

Where you go to get tutoring help will depend on the subject you need tutoring in, how much you have to spend and how flexible your schedule is among other things.

Many colleges and universities have some form of free tutoring available. There are on-campus writing centers for students who need help writing papers in any subject. Other types of tutoring may be available for free as well. Check with the department of the subject you need help in to see if they maintain a list of volunteer tutors.You can find Continue Reading »


Preparing for the first day at a new school

It is never fun to be the new kid, and you might not be too excited about the prospect of attending a new school where you don’t know anyone. Although the prospect of attending a new school for the first time might seem overwhelmingly scary, you shouldn’t worry. As long as you are properly prepared for this big step, you can actually have an enjoyable experience at your new school, and you might even enjoy the Continue Reading »


Exploring the home-schooling option

The decision to home school school children, as opposed to sending them off for a mainstream education, is a decision that should not be made lightly. Anyone who is exploring the home-schooling option should learn more about the opportunities that are available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of teaching children in the home environment.

Nearly every state in the U.S. has laws in place regarding home-schooling in order to assure that children being taught at home are up to par with state and federal standards. One home-schooling option that is available to those in the Washington, Continue Reading »


Mentoring programs in DC

Mentors can play a very important role in the development of a child. Many children do not have a parent-figure in their lives and need someone to help show them the way. There are other children who need that extra boost to get them on the right track and a good mentor can help provide that. Mentors also can acts a big brothers or sisters and be there when a child needs help with an issue. That is why every child, regardless of his or her circumstances, could potentially benefit from having Continue Reading »


Important figures in DC education

Most parents have dreams of their children excelling in school. They want children that are smart, popular, and well-rounded. In Washington DC parents want the same things for their children. Who are the important figures in our child’s education? Many students may never interact with the principal, unless they are in trouble. Every child in the DC school’s has a teacher that can have either a good or negative impact. Does that mean the teacher is the most Continue Reading »


Choosing a college in the DC region

Deciding on the right college to attend can be a very taxing decision for many people. For those who are looking to go to school in Washington DC, that decision is even more difficult because there are so many schools to choose from. However, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration that will help make this decision a-little easier. Things to take into consideration when choosing a college in the DC region include: whether or not the school is accredited, one’s Continue Reading »


A Greater Feeling of Freedom

Nobody likes to feel tethered down or restricted to free movement no matter the environment they are in. In today’s world where laptops and smart phones are the trend, people have a need to be able to communicate constantly. They expect information to literally be on the tips of their fingertips as they type or text. They also expect information to be communicated or retrieved instantaneously. Once upon a time, people used to be tethered to their desks or work cubicles because their technological devices had to be not only plugged in to an electrical source but to the cable or outlet that provided them with internet access. This was the case until wireless internet came about.With the wireless approach, where devices today are able to communicate with one another without being plugged each other, people are able to freely roam around their environments. They don’t need to stay in one spot or be near a specific device in order to use it or make it communicate with other technologies. The wireless environment now allows people to print wirelessly, make calls wirelessly, and surf the internet wirelessly. People are much more mobile than they were before, making work easier or more convenient.


School Spotlight: School Without Walls

The School Without Walls represents all of the DC Public Schools’ core values. This magnet high school, located in D.C.’s Foggy Bottom district, is considered one of the best educational facilities, not just in D.C., but in the entire region.SWW (called “Walls” by its students) shares facilities with the George Washington University Campus. SWW and GWU have a special partnership in which 100 students from the 11th and 12th grades can take college courses for free after qualifying via a special exam. 10th graders are eligible for the GW Early College Program, an innovative new feature which allows them to take concurrent courses during the final two years of high school. Upon graduation, they receive a high school diploma as well as an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, with the option to pursue further studies at GW or transfer to another school. Continue Reading »


The spirit of D.C.’s schools

Washington, D.C. is the capital of our country, and thus it’s important to promote the education of the next generation who will be filling our country’s most powerful positions. The goal of District of Columbia Public Schools is to provide that education to everybody, regardless of extenuating circumstances. Within the district are 168 schools (66 elementary, 13 middle, 18 high, 19 education campuses, 6 special education centers, and 7 others). You can search these schools for yourself on the “Public Schools” page. Continue Reading »

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