5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is coming, and most of us are already thinking what presents to give for our loved ones. If you have a lot of geeky friends who prides themselves on having the coolest and latest gadgets, then we’ve got the perfect list for you.

  • Video Watch 8GB stainless steel – Are you a fan of Narcos? Breaking Bad? Or perhaps Game of Thrones? Watch all of these episodes while on the go. This watch has a 1.8-inch screen that allows you to watch your favorite episodes and is backed with an 8GB memory to store a whole season or more.
  • Wi-fi detector watch – This enables you to know the location of Wi-fi hot spots. It provides a measurement on the signals strength. So next time you’re working on your laptop outside, you’ll have an exact idea where to position yourself.
  • Glowing Cube – It’s quite famous for people who like to go hiking. This cube absorbs the sunlight during the day and gives a steady glow of light during the night.
  • Solar Charger – Power up your smartphones or laptops when you can’t find any electrical outlets. Another popular gadget for people who likes to go camping for days. It can be used anywhere, simply open the devices panel and place it directly under the sunlight. After a few minutes, you can plug in your laptop and start charging.
  • Self-destructing USB – This USB is password protected and encrypted. After ten failed attempts on its password, the USB self-destructs. It is covered in epoxy and has an electron shield.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to cool stuff. You can find more from a number of online stores. The products above are but a few samples compared to the huge inventory those stores possess. Check them out and choose your gift for that one lucky geek friend.