HVAC Vendor And Consumer Financing

If you are in the HVAC business, you will need to offer financing solutions to make your business more attractive for potential clients. The amount of cash flow that you can have with a financing solution is big because HVAC business field is very competitive.

The products that require financing are furnaces, water tanks, heaters and air conditions because they usually cost $500 and above. Customers want options when dealing with a high priced item. The terms for this financing range from 3 months up to 5 years. Some programs even offer six months no payment promo.

hvacThe basic idea is to provide a flexible solution of doing business with you. This applies especially in the HVAC field because their HVAC products could break down anytime.

There is good consumer financing like a no credit check financing which allows a customer with a bad history of credit to still make a purchase.

The normal approval time for this kind of consumer financing is usually one day. A contract will be signed by you, the lender and the client. After it is done, you may proceed with the scheduling of the installation of the equipment.

So you have delivered and installed the product. You might be wondering when will you receive the payment. The good news is you get paid within a day or two after signing the contract and invoice.

There are consumer financing programs that are specialized in the HVAC industry. They can offer flexible options that can help both you and the customer. You’d rather deal with experienced financing firms because they already know how to please both seller and consumer.

If you have not tried consumer financing for your HVAC now is the time to do so. The economy is not in a good state right now. Therefore, few people have immediate cash on hand. It is a win-win solution for your business.
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