Tactical Wear For Cold Climate

It is challenging for a security detail or a military when their assignment has a cold weather. Visibility, freezing temperatures or even mobility is affected with this kind of outdoor climate. To cope up with the situation there are special designed outerwear, jackets and boots made to fight the weather.

A special type of clothing called Lightweight Environmental Protection is used to protect individuals from cold environment. It can withstand up to temperatures of negative forty degrees by using lightweight insulation. There are also t-shirts which are made to combat both cold and hot weather due to its no melt and no drip fabric.

soldier-cold-climateFor the foot protection, tactical boots with a different kind of insulation is required. The boots should be able to block any moisture in order for the foot to stay longer in cold temperatures. This can prevent hypothermia for extend duration in that kind of weather.

Combat jackets is a staple for cold weather operations. The jacket must be waterproof to prevent and repeal snow and rain. Aside from the warmth it gives it also protects any gear or tactical accessory beneath the combat jacket.

Tactical pants can be worn whether for hot or cold climate. These pants are usually waterproof with a tie shut near the ankle. This helps in trapping the heat inside the pants. It also has secret pockets which can come very handy in serious situations. Tactical pants should also allow the individual to move easily despite the its appearance of being bulky.

The last item on this list is the tactical gloves. In a hand-to-hand combat gloves is a very useful protection. It prevents injury on the hands when hitting an opponent in the head or somewhere with bones. There are gloves that also have raised knuckles that can increase the power of a punch. These gloves are made from leather which means it also protects the hand in a cold climate.