Secured Business Loans Guide

By using a secured business loan, you can be guaranteed to get a low-interest rate as well as longer repayment schedule.

This kind of loan is also known as collateralization arrangements. You as the business owner will use your asset as collateral to get a loan that is going to be used for your business. The asset can be any property that has value like real estate property, cars, and business equipment.


The collateral is a protection for the lender in case the borrower goes into a default. To repay the loan, the lender will now legally own the collateral. A common example of this kind of loan is a pawn shop. A customer can get cash in exchange for a valued item like jewelry or an antique artifact. There is a time limit on when the customer is allowed to buy back the item. If there are no payments made after the limit, the pawn shop will now own the valued item.

The financial risk is big when dealing with business owners because a business can suffer financial crisis anytime. By using a collateral, the risk can be negated. Small business can use the collateral to lower down the interest rate as well as opt for longer repayment schedules. On the agreement, you will be able to find all the interest rate, payment mode as well as what happens to the collateral when you fail to pay on time.

The Easy Business Funding can be used for business start-up capital. For existing businesses it can be used to fund a specific project, assuming that the project can generate more than the cash loan applied. A good example is a retail industry. You know that you will generate more sales if you sell a certain set of products. The problem is that you don’t have the funds yet. A secured business loan can help you fix it because you know that it can increase the revenue and generate cash.