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How to Write a Formal Letter to whom It May Concern


One of the most effective ways of communication to address various concerns at both the personal and institutional levels is through writing formal letters to the intended persons or entities. Among the reasons for writing such letters may include placing formal requests for equally diverse purposes, recommendation or acknowledgment of persons for a job position, and a range of other requests or formal decline of the same. It is, therefore, imperative that one passes or rather creates a positive impression through excellent writing skills embracing the recommended guidelines for such an undertaking to avoid any form of misunderstanding from the recipients of the letters. Provided herein are a set of the common requirements, guidelines, and factors to consider for writing a formal letter To Whom It May Concern. The following simple steps presented by apply to both the typed and handwritten formal letters.

Blocks for writing a formal letter

One of the factors to consider for writing a To Whom It May Concern letter is the type of block that one is going to use to convey the intended message. The blocks for writing a letter refer to the writer’s marginal alignment of the text on the page. One of the three types or forms of blocks through which one can arrange the letters of the text on a given page is the block format. In this particular format, the alignment of each of the paragraph on the page is to the left margin with a double-line space separating all the paragraphs making up the text. It is one of the most commonly used block formats and comes highly recommended for its simplicity and clarity in appearance. Another format for writing formal letters is referred to as the modified block format. In the modified block format, the writer has to make an indentation of five spaces for each paragraph and place the dates and the signatures of the letter at the center of the page. It has no specific spacing between the paragraphs as one is free to use either the single or double spacing. The third format that a writer can use to align the text is the semi-block format. The text alignment for the format is similar to that of the block format with the only difference occurring in the five spacing indentation at the beginning of each paragraph. A double line spacing applies for the separation of the paragraphs. It is advisable to refer to the numerous sources available on how to write a letter or a formal letter example for a better understanding of the difference in the three blocks for writing. All these block are very important as they show your level of education.

Dates placement in a formal letter

The date of writing the letter plays a significant role in determining the urgency of the matter or the message a person wishes to address. The date should appear after the writer’s address with a single line spacing to separate the two …